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All new Tata Safari 2021

Tata Motors has been experiencing the major success with the Harrier SUV which looks stunning and the performance is more than what is expected. It’s a premium vehicle and after the success now put Tata in the big league once again. It was earlier announced that, the Harrier is just the first part and Tata will complete the line up with the next one in line as Gravitas which was reported to be a a seven-seat version of the Harrier and was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in March of this year. 

TATA Safari – 2021 – Image Credits to TATA Motors

It was reported that The Tata Gravitas been built on the Land Rover platform and will be slotted in above the latest SUV from TATA lineup the Harrier in terms of pricing. During the Geneva Motorshow, the car that was showcased had the same design, interior layout, but with two additional seats in the third row. The Gravitas had the same look and the features were almost part with that of the Harrier.

TATA Safari Storme – The earlier look of TATA Safari

As per the data from TATA motors website it is mentioned as “The All- New Tata Safari draws a strong inspiration from the Safari lineage and enhances its pedigree of impeccable SUV stance, comfort, performance and robust build. It is also the second vehicle based on OMEGARC, derived from the renowned D8 platform of Land Rover.”

It is expected that All-New Tata Safari is a benchmark in terms of design, performance, versatility, and long lasting build quality. Tata claims that The All-New Safari is born to ‘Reclaim their Life’ with its majestic stance, unmatched performance, effortless drivability, and top it with luxurious comfort, new age connected technology, spacious interiors


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